First user group to focus on Automated Lending Decisions (ALD)

We are excited to announce our first User Group which will take place on 2 May in Newcastle.

We're looking forward to welcoming guests to discuss the hot topic of automating lending decisions - focusing on the role that Credit Reference data, Open Banking data and your own historical data play in helping you to assess risk.

As part of the session, we will:

1.  Demonstrate the outputs from Credit Reference Agencies & Open Banking
Review data from TransUnion (previously Call Credit) and Experian, to understand what the data tells us and what we might use to highlight risk.

2.  Explore some Loan decision models
Review some manual loan decision calculations, to understand what can and can't be automated.

3.  Agree a priority for delivery
Specify a Minimum Viable Product for allowing you to make automated decisions.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute, and watch this space for new topics and event locations in the coming months.