Engage your customers and drive sales

Competition from rival banks and payday lenders, legacy technology and paper-based systems, limited distribution channels and difficulty engaging new and existing customers - here at incuto, we understand the challenges many community-based banks and lenders are facing.

Our team works in close partnership with Credit Unions and Community Banks to support them and transform their offering to Members. Utilising many different tools and new technology, we build a bespoke solution which balances the need to drive sales with the ethos of ethical and responsible banking.


Customer Journey


In today’s digital world, your customers’ expectations have changed. incuto enables faster, online applications, better communications and engagement, and easy-to-use online services to enhance the Member experience.

incuto 24/7 allows Members to access your products and services online, and on any device. This includes online sign-up and application processes, pre-populated and authorised loans and end-to-end loan fulfulment.

Our communciations platform - incuto Buzz - intelligently monitors your data and allows you to send targeted, professional communications to grow your loan book. Credit Unions using Buzz have reported an up to 65% unique open rate on campaigns, as well as between 15-20% click through for loan applications

Banking and Payments


Want to expand your customer base by connecting Members to a national network of free and easy-to-access banking services? We can help. incuto has strategic partnerships allowing your customers better access to their money, account numbers, sort codes, faster payments, credit scores and debit cards.

The incuto memberHub offers a secure way for your Members to manage their accounts online. Available on any device, users can transfer money and have access to a personal customer dashboard and financial tools.

For those who prefer to bank in person, our strategic partnerships mean your Members can access their money at around 11,500 branches in the UK.

Financial Education


incuto delivers so much more than back-office technology or servicing bank accounts – it’s about financial education, support, control and engagement of a group of people who are potentially vulnerable, financially and digitally excluded. We believe in tackling the poverty premium with better access to low-cost, affordable credit.

As well as offering an efficient way of managing your money, incuto memberHub gives users a personal star-rating, as well as enabling them to set savings goals and monitor their spending and repayments.

Our Money Bees programme for schools is a fun and engaging financial education tool allowing teachers and pupils to run their own school bank while integrating with your own back-office processes.

Back Office Automation


Legacy technology and paper-based systems create a barrier between you and your customer. We work in partnership with Credit Unions and other community-based banks and lenders, offering cloud-based technology solutions which remove the pain of a technology overhaul, transforming the customer experience for Members. We can help you work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Gone are the days when you had to visit a branch and fill out a paper application form. With incuto 360, you can provide access to advanced risk assessment and automated, real-time decision making, whilst seamlessly integration between applications and your back office systems.

Our Hive Data Layer provides a scaleable and secure UK-based data centre. We help Credit Unions align their information security and compliance with internal procedures and processes.


Hive data layer

host data in a highly scaleable and secure data center


incuto Buzz

automate communications, improve engagement and increase loan book



24/7 online access so Members can manage their accounts


incuto 24/7

easy online applications from any device


Money Bees

fun, engaging financial education platform for schools


incuto 360

automated decision making which integrates with your back office